Flash Debate

Sponsored by Trent’s Philosophy Department and the Trent-Swansea Law/Arts Program.


Flash Debate is a fast-paced debate between two teams on a topic given in advance (see below for this year’s topics). Each team will compete against three different teams in three separate rounds of Flash Debate, after which the top four teams will move on to an elimination semi-final round. Finally, the top two teams will compete for the top prize in a final round.

At the beginning of each 30-minute round of Flash Debate, a topic will be announced and each team will be randomly assigned a position (pro or con) on that topic that they will be required to defend in the debate. Each team should therefore prepare both sides of the debate prior to the competition and be ready to defend any side. The structure of each round of Flash Debate is the same:

  1. Opening Arguments for Pro (5 minutes)
  2. Opening Arguments for Con (5 minutes)
  3. Objections from Pro to Con’s Opening Arguments (2.5 minutes)
  4. Responses from Con to Pro’s Objections (2.5 minutes)
  5. Objections from Con to Pro’s Opening Arguments (2.5 minutes)
  6. Responses from Pro to Con’s Objections (2.5 minutes)
  7. Closing Arguments of Pro (5 minutes)
  8. Closing Arguments of Con (5 minutes)

Team Size:

Flash Debate teams should consist of at least two, and no more than five, team members.

2020 Debate Topics:

Each round of Flash Debate will focus on a different and randomly chosen one of the following six topics. Every team in round one/two/three/four will debate the same topic. The final round will therefore contain a small element of surprise, since the topic will be one of the remaining two topics.

Topic 1:

Topic 2:

Topic 3:

Topic 4:

Topic 5:

Topic 6:

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