Sponsored by Trent’s History Department and School for the Study of Canada.


Quiztory is a “Reach-for-the-top”-style quiz competition in which two teams answer as many questions as possible in the course of a 15-minute game. All of the questions have History as their subject. To narrow the focus, and to permit teams to prepare for Quiztory, all of the questions in each game will be based on History that is covered in three books, all related to the Theme of the Fair (see below for the 2020 selections) and chosen by Trent historians.

A game of Quiztory will have three rounds, each lasting five minutes. Each round will be devoted to one of the three books listed below. Team members will each be given a buzzer. After a question is read, the first person to buzz in will be given an opportunity to answer the question. If the question is answered incorrectly, the other team will have 5 seconds to respond to the question. Each correct response is worth 1 point.

Each team will compete in three games against three separate teams. The top four teams will advance to an elimination semi-final round. The top two teams will compete for the Quiztory Championship.

Team Size:

Each team must have a minimum of 2, and a maximum of 4 members.

2020 Historical Book Selections:

All Quiztory questions will be based on information covered in these three books, which teams are encouraged to read in preparation for the competition:

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